Culinary Training Programs

With the Cruise Line vacations getting ever more popular, and the industry growing in such fast pace, increased demand for skilful and dedicated Chefs has gone way beyond the simple recruitment practices of the past. Going step forward we have teamed up with the International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA) Dubai and have taken the challenge to prepare qualified candidates in food production for the specific needs of our Clients.

Our Culinary Training Programs are aimed not only to give basic knowledge at entry level, but also to increase the qualification and improve skills of those candidates with experience in culinary, looking for further career advancement and professional development.

Practical Training Modules are based on actual culinary on board that is specific to our Clients, including intensive practice in Production, Sanitation and USPH where the students from our Program often have the privilege to work with the highly professional Trainers and Corporate Chefs of our Clients and to experience and share their extensive knowledge and practical skills.

USPH Basic Sanitation

Our Basic Sanitation Program based on USPH Standards is aiming to provide employment opportunities for candidates from disadvantaged background and to prepare them for Health and Sanitation standards and practices on board the cruise ships of our Clients. Through advanced theoretical and practical training modules candidates have the opportunity to learn and prepare for their role on board.

STCW95 Basic Safety Training Programs

Cruise ships are one of the most safety and security demanding concepts of Tourist and Hotelier Industry, not only providing unique form of vacation and exceptional services, but also taking the safety of passengers on board at very serious consideration.

Our STCW95 Basic Safety Training Program is conducted in association with National Naval Academy in Bulgaria by highly qualified team of teachers that visits our offices regularly to deliver the actual Safety Training Sessions in accordance with the International Maritime Organizations’ regulations.

Our Safety Training Program is specifically designed to address the safety aspects of life on board and to train and prepare the prospective crew members to perform their assigned safety duties in this new and sometimes challenging working environment.

Housekeeping Program

This program is specifically designed to upgrade the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of candidates who already have employment experience in Housekeeping. Through intense theoretical and practical modules we are aiming to prepare candidates for the higher level of service standards on board and to help in their further career development.

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