About Us

Odyssey International Maritime and Hotel Management, was established in 1998 in Dubai, as professional recruitment company with an aim to identify and prepare qualified applicants in Food Production, Food and Beverage Service and House Keeping, for the specific needs of the International Cruise Line Industry.

Through the years we have faced many challenges, we have overcame difficulties, we have learned lessons and we have achieved many positive results. We have evolved with the industry and through the years we have adopted company philosophy that we hope to carry our legacy far beyond the services we deliver today.

With our vast experience in working with large number of applicants from different Nationalities, we are looking forward to bring on board the benefits of a multicultural environment and international appearance, thus maintaining high standards of operation and opening career paths of professional growth to our crew members, internationally.

Our employment, recruitment and training programs are designed to deliver high quality customized services to our Clients on a long term basis, in facilitating and maintaining crew rotation on board, as well as in recruitment of new hires to the Cruise Line Industry.

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