With the Cruise Line Industry expanding intensively and creating opportunities for professional and career growth, our quest for quality began when Odyssey International first started operations from Dubai in late 90’s. Operating state of the art offices and testing centres throughout Middle East and Asia region, we are determined to provide our clients with customized end-to-end services covering wide spectrum of activities related to crew manning and operations on board.


Preliminary Selection

Our goal in recruitment is to identify candidates with set of skills that meet the specifics of wide range on board operations following our Client’s criteria and concept guidelines. We consider transparency of our recruitment process as very important aspect of ensuring equal opportunities to all qualified candidates, and for this purpose we utilize theoretical Industrial Tests and MARLINS English Language testing system along with personal preliminary interviews to provide detailed evaluation of candidates’ skills and knowledge.

Crew Processing & Management

We consider the crew manning as one of the key factors for successful operation on board. To facilitate this process and to provide efficient service in crew documentation, scheduling, confirmations and embarkation, for every Client we employ dedicated Crew Coordinators to communicate, manage and and follow up on preparation and deployment of approved applicants and returning crew members based on specific needs of every company that we represent.


Culinary & Food Production Programs

Increased demand for highly qualified professionals in culinary and food production on board, has inspired our customized culinary training programs as logical step towards meeting this high demand. Culinary programs contain modules of production basics, advanced/ specialty production, basic sanitation and USPH based on actual food production on board specific and exclusive for our clients.

STCW95 Basic Safety Training Program

Our STCW95 Basic Safety Training Program is conducted in association with National Naval Academy in Bulgaria by highly qualified team of teachers that visits our offices regularly to deliver the actual Safety Training Sessions in accordance with the International Maritime Organizations’ regulations.

Our Safety Training Program is specifically designed to address the safety aspects of life on board and to train and prepare the prospective crew members to perform their assigned safety duties in this new and sometimes challenging working environment.

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