If you are interested to apply for shipboard employment with any of the companies represented by Odyssey International, visit our Global Job Site where you can register as job seeker and search the available employment opportunities..

Our Recruitment Team will review and evaluate your application and if we determine that you qualify for any of the openings we have at the moment, we will contact you for interview and further processing.


We require that all prospective candidates for employment or for Training Programs meet the following general requirements:

1. Age: All candidates for shipboard employment must be 21 years old but not older than 35 (for entry level) and 45 (for Senior Management) at the time of application.

2. Education: All applicants for entry level position must have at least 10 years of formal school education (or equivalent), and all applicants for Senior Management positions must have relevant education level and/or shipboard experience.

3. English Language Skills: Applicants that are not native English speakers must be able to demonstrate sufficient level of practical language proficiency.

4. Employment experience: All candidates must have relevant employment experience for the position and department they are interested to apply for.. Present or previous employment experience at other departments, different than the department you wish to apply for, will not be considered.


Industrial Test

Candidates for entry level positions in Culinary / Food production will be required to demonstrate their theoretical and practical abilities at specifically designed Industrial Tests conducted by our company. Test results will not determine the outcome of the candidate’s application, but will serve as guide line to evaluate his/her qualification.

Preliminary Interview

All applicants for shipboard employment positions have to successfully pass preliminary interview conducted by Odyssey International or Authorized representative of the company. Only applicants that have been approved will be taken for further processing and will be presented to our Clients.

Marlins / English Language Test

Candidates that are not native English language speakers, will be required to pass MARLINS English Language Test as part of their preliminary evaluation. Recent (no more than 12 months ago) Test Results from alternative testing systems such as TOEFL, SAT, GMAT are accepted.

Client Interview

Candidates that have successfully passed the preliminary evaluation stages will be presented for Client interviews for shipboard employment at positions that match their experience, skills and qualifications.

Document Requirements

1. Valid Passport - All candidates approved by our Clients for shipboard employment positions must be in possession of passport valid for at least 18 months from the date of the client interview.

2. STCW95 Certificates -

Basic safety Certificates (STCW95) valid for at least 18 months from the date of Client interview are required for applicants approved for shipboard employment and have to be issued by official Government Maritime Authority or duly authorized Institute listed in White Book of IMO Convention.

Odyssey International can assist in obtaining the necessary certification only for limited number of approved applicants that are not already in possession of this certification.

3. Seaman’s Book - All candidates approved for shipboard employment must be in possession of valid Seaman’s Record Book of their own Nationality, or the Seaman’s Record Book of the Flag Registration of their designated vessel.

4. Visas - Specific Crew Transit Visas might be required for crew members assigned to join at certain ports / destinations. Odyssey International will only help in facilitating documents required for visa processing, however decisions on visa issue or rejection is subject to Visa Officers and Embassy authorized personnel only.

5. Pre Employment Medical - Pre employment Medical examination including Laboratory research / tests is required for all approved candidates and has to be conducted prior embarkation at designated Medical Centres by Authorized Physician. Crew members that arrive at their destination without, or with incomplete Medical will be refused boarding and will be sent back home at their own cost.

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