Odyssey International

Odyssey International is partnering with cultural exchange organizations with the mission of building bridges between cultures to promote a global future. Our Partners are headquartered in California, and are designated by the U.S. Department of State to sponsor foreign university students, recent graduates and young professionals in the BridgeUSA J-1 Exchange Programs in the INTERN, TRAINEE and CAMP COUNSELOR categories.

PLEASE NOTE - These J1 exchange jobs are based on land in the USA. They are not shipboard jobs such as the ones we recruit for cruiselines

Eligibility Criteria

The program is open to all foreign nationals with one of the below qualifications:

  • Have no degree, but 5 years (60 months) of industry-related verifiable work experience in the same department or profession.
  • Currently earning an Associate’s Degree or higher from an accredited university.
  • Graduated within 12 months from an accredited university with an Associate’s Degree or higher
  • Graduated more than 12 months ago from an accredited university with an Associate’s Degree or higher and has more than 12 months of industry-related experience.

Affiliated organizations:

  • International Trainee Network – J-1 Cultural Exchange Organization for Hospitality & Business Internship and Trainee Programs in the USA
  • Odyssey International Exchange – Designated J-1 Visa Sponsor for the Intern & Trainee Programs
  • Odyssey International Camp – Designated J-1 Visa Sponsor and J-1 Cultural Exchange Organization for Camp Counselor Programs

International Trainee Network (ITN) is a J-1 Cultural Exchange Program with over 20 years of history in providing hospitality and business programs. With 8 international offices, over 40 Hospitality Management Schools and 17 strategic alliances in 23 countries, ITN has become the premier source for international hospitality students, graduates and young professionals to obtain the international experience and exposure that the global hospitality industry requires. In addition, we have become the 1st choice amongst some of the leading hospitality companies in the US for their international J-1 programs due to our corporate strategy.

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